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We're a bunch of female artists working together to create new performance. To find out where you can catch us next, follow us on twitter @EggsCollective or check out our website www.eggscollective.com. We promise that our work is always original, never poached.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

What Do Eggs Do For Easter?

There were no wild parties over our third birthday weekend, but instead a stock-broker-style, very serious, very futuristic virtual meeting. A high-powered, high-tech meeting that simultaneously harnessed the power of Facebook, email, phone calls and picture messages. A meeting spanning a continent, linking Brussels, a charity shop in Manchester city centre and a one bedroom flat in Whalley Range. A meeting about a top secret project and the acquisition of THIS second hand frock...

Find out what it's all about, check back here soon!

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